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Reeve James Manchur 

Chair of Communications Standing Committee. Member of the G3 Water Cooperative, Inter-Mountain Watershed District (Upper Valley River), and Alternate Member on the Mountainview Planning District and MLA Planning Region. 

Deputy Reeve Todd Brinkman

Chair of the Finance Standing Committee. Member of the G3 Water Cooperative. 


Councillor Craig Von Bargen

Chair of the Infrastructure Standing Committee. Member of Riding Mountain Liaison/Biosphere, Dauphin Veterinary District, and Inter-Mountain Watershed District (Wilson River).

Councillor Ryan Paziuk

Chair of the Policies and By-Laws Committee. Member of the Mountainview Planning District, and MLA Planning Region.

Councillor Trent Crowe

Chair of the Protective Services Committee. Member of Inter-Mountain Watershed District (Vermillion River) and Parkland Regional Library. 

Councillor Grant Pope

Chair of the Recreation, Culture, and Economic Development Committee. Member of the G3 Water Cooperative, and Dauphin Veterinary District.

Councillor Crystal Bates 

Chair of the Human Resources and Employee Liaison Committee. Member of the Grand-Plains Handivan Committee, and Inter-Mountain Watershed District (Upper Valley River)