The community of Gilbert Plains is located in the valley of the Riding Mountain and Duck Mountain, nestled in the lush agricultural setting on Manitoba’s Parkland. With a top-rated 18-hole golf course, campgrounds, nearby lakes for fishing and year-round sports facilities, Gilbert Plains is an ideal place to vacation. The rich local heritage and vibrant community makes it an even better place to live. Check us out!

Gilbert Plains MapWhere is Gilbert Plains?

Gilbert Plains is located in the Parkland, in the south west area of the province of Manitoba, Canada. Gilbert Plains is ideally situated only 14 km from Riding Mountain National Park of Canada and 35 km from the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Distance to nearby centres:

Grandview – 15 km
Dauphin – 30 km
Roblin – 64 km
Clear Lake – 90 km
Yorkton – 142 km
Brandon – 190 km
Winnipeg – 350 km


Air Strip – Gilbert Plains Airport is a grass strip 2500 ft long and 100 ft wide (765 m x 31 m) on a heading of 090-270.


Come to the Heart of Canada

Come to Gilbert Plains and visit the Heart of the Parkland and even better, the Heart of Canada. We have a wide selection of businesses and associations available in town. The Education System here in town is one of the best. Gilbert Plains Elementary School and Collegiate offer amazing opportunities for young students to grow and become familiar with the world around them.